Wing Commander Saga Prologue 1.0
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Wing Commander Saga Prologue 1.0

Free Wing Commander Saga Prologue is an open-source flight simulator
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Wing Commander Saga
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Wing Commander Saga Prologue is an open-source flight simulator. It is based on the original Wing Commander games. It takes place after the events of Wing Commander 3 after the Terran-Kilrathi wars. It has elements of both RPG games and flight simulators. Let's keep in mind here that the game was made by end-users, not by a big company. So there are going to be a few problems here and there. But having played the original games, I am amazed at how well this one looks. The ship models are pretty good, and the dialogs and cut-scenes abound with detail. The controls seem good and the battles are at first a bit slow, but at the end of the game, when the fate of the Earth rests upon you, there are some intense battles. You play the role of a new trainee who goes to basic flight ops and then is promoted to 2nd lieutenant due to the shortage of pilots. The game has a somewhat open ending. It is up to you to win all the battles and make the right choices so that the Earth remains in one piece. The game is available for both Windows and Mac OS X computers and it runs quite well. It has some 35 missions and several different aircraft that you can unlock as you progress in the game. Even if this doesn't have the best graphics out there, you have got to play it if you ever played the original games.

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